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Boat Tags

In-State Transfers of Boat Registrations:

  • Buyer must present the following document: Bill of Sale.
  • Buyer must present documents to local probate office within 10 days of purchase.
  • No strike-outs or alterations are permitted in assignments.
  • All signatures must be identical to names on the supporting documents.

In-State Transfers When Previous Owner is Deceased:

  • If will was probated, buyer will present documents noted above along with "Letters of Testamentary."
  • If will was not probated, buyer will present a death certificate and a "Next of Kin" form which must include the notarized signature of the individual named as next of kin and a certificated copy of a death certificate.
  • All documents must have the signature of the above named individual, i.e., title, bill of sale, etc.

Marriage Licenses
This information is provided for persons interested in obtaining a marriage license in Escambia County. Under Alabama law, marriage licenses issuance is purely ministerial and probate judges have no discretion when carrying out this duty. Accordingly, it is the policy of the Judge of Probate of Escambia County to issue marriage licenses in strict compliance with and as legally required under Alabama law. The information contained herein is purely informational and should not be considered reflective of any personal opinions or beliefs of the Judge of Probate, Escambia County, or any persons under their employ.

General Information

  • At least one party must be a current resident of Escambia County, Alabama.
  • Both parties must be present to complete and sign the application for a marriage license (no blood test required).
  • Both parties must be sober and competent to marry, (not declared incompetent) and have the ability to comprehend and understand what they are doing.
  • The marriage license fee is $70.00 and is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.
  • The legal age to marry without parental consent is 18 years. Individuals who are at least 16 years of age but less than 18 years of age may need to meet certain requirements as set out below.
  • The license is valid for marriages performed in any county in Alabama.
  • Applicants divorced in Alabama less than 60 days before applying for a marriage license may not purchase a marriage license unless he/she is marrying his/her former spouse.

Guidelines for Marriage Licenses for Persons 18 Years or Older


All marriage license applicants must provide their correct and entire legal name. Photographic identification is strongly recommended as it would avoid any unnecessary delays in verifying information required for issuance of the license. Acceptable identification should be official government-issued identification that provides sufficient proof that the applicant is who the applicant represents he or she is. Acceptable forms of identification include, but are not limited to the following: driver's license, passport, military ID, original certified copy of state issued birth certificate, other state issued ID, U.S. Government issued ID (including Permanent Resident Card ("Green Card"), Employment Authorization Card, etc.), or other identification issued by a state of the United States, by a foreign country or state, or by an agency or a subdivision of a state of the United States or of a foreign country or state.

Guidelines for Marriage Licenses for Persons 16 to 17 Years of Age


Under Alabama Code § 30-1-5, marriage license applicants who are at least 16 years of age but under 18 years of age, who have not had a former wife or husband, intending to marry require consent of both parents or guardians of the minor to the marriage. Consent of the parents or guardians of the minor must be given either personally or in writing through a validly executed affidavit. The consent of both parents as shown on the birth certificate is required regardless of the circumstances, unless one's parental rights have been terminated. Sole custody granted to one parent alone is insufficient to obviate the requirement for the consent of the other parent.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses


  • Licenses are required for Alabama residents 16 years old and under the age of 65 and non-residents 16 years and older. Proof of residency for ninety (90) days prior to purchasing a license is required to qualify for a resident license. Applicants must also have completed a Hunter Education Course given regularly by the Department of Conservation. Course information is available from the department at (334)242-3467.
  • Applicants 65 years or older are not required to obtain a hunting and fishing license, but must have identification.

Business Licenses

Persons engaged in the operation of a business must obtain proper city and state/county licenses prior to beginning operation. A business operating outside the city limits may only be required to purchase a state/county license.

There are several differences in city and state/county licenses. A city license is issued at City Hall, while the state/county license is issued through the county in which the business is located. In Escambia County, the state/county license must be purchased at the Office of the Judge of Probate in Escambia County, state/county licenses are valid for a calendar year, i.e., January 1 through December 31, while state/county business licenses are valid for a fiscal year, i.e., October 1 through September 30. State/county licenses must be renewed by November 1 to avoid penalties and interest charges.

Many businesses are exempt from obtaining a state/county business license. A determination of exemption is made by the Business License Section of the Probate Office. Office hours are 8 am through 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Information may be obtained by calling (251)867-0301.

Driver Licenses

Persons who have never had an Alabama Driver License or ID card must apply at the Alabama State Trooper's testing office. for more information on the nearest location contact the probate office at (251)867-0301.

Persons applying for a driver license for the first time or for an Alabama identification card must provide two forms of identification. Contact the State Trooper Office for a list of acceptable forms of identification. Persons applying for a driver license will be administered a written examination, an eye examination, and a road test. Persons moving into Alabama from another state may surrender the out-of-state license and take an eye examination. Persons wishing to obtain an identification card (including those with suspended Alabama driver licenses) must first apply at the Alabama State Trooper Office. An administrative fee of $5.00 is required for each application.

To complete the application process, applicants will receive an issuance card that must be taken to one of the local probate offices. The fee for a license or identification card is $20.00. A temporary license or ID card, with a picture, will be issued at the probate office. The original will be mailed at a later date from the Alabama Department of Public Safety. Persons not receiving their licenses within 60 days should contact the Department of Public Safety at (334)242-4400.

Persons with a suspended driver license must apply to the Department of Public Safety for re-instatement. Upon payment of re-instatement fees, the applicant may obtain a duplicate driver license at any probate office in Alabama.

Note: Two forms of identification are required.

Vessel Licenses

Persons 12 years and older operating motorized watercraft must have an operator's license. Information on certification may be obtained from the Alabama Department of Conservation by calling (334)242-3673. Certain restrictions apply.

Adoption Licenses

Adoption is the legal procedure through which a minor (18 years or younger) is recognized by law as becoming the son or daughter of the adopting adult(s), and as having all of the rights and duties of such relationship, including the right of inheritance. There are several different types of adoptions, which includes related, unrelated, agency-placed, or private-placement. Through adoption, the adoptive parent(s) have the same rights, duties, and responsibilities of a natural parent. In all cases, the adoptive parent needs to contact an attorney to file the Petition for adoption in the county where the minor lives, or where the agency is located.

Before an adoption is granted, the only people with access to the adoption records are the Petitioner, the Petitioner's Attorney, any attorney appointed by the Court, and the investigator. After the adoption is granted, all documents pertaining to the adoption are recorded and sealed. An alternative for the adopted child who wishes to attempt to locate his/her parents, would be to contact the Alabama Department of Human Resources at (334)242-9500. After the adoption is granted, the adoptee's name will be changed as requested by the Petitioner.

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